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MS CRM Data Access

Before I have done the Data access using the linq queries but that take effort, So now I am going for the supported way which has been provided in MS CRM SDK, Using IOraganization with late bound methodology.

Problems while executing the idea

Error 1 'RequestedSecurityToken' is an ambiguous reference between 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.WSTrust.RequestedSecurityToken' and 'System.IdentityModel.Protocols.WSTrust.RequestedSecurityToken'

NIC Project

There are two parts

  • Inbound calls

The calls which comes from the customer and lands in the CRM

  • Outbound calls

Calls goes from the agent to the customer

I am looking at outbound calls and its higher concept is shown in the figure

HL Workflow

Progress ?

I am done with most of the functionality with the web service layer and its dependance graph is

dependency graph

the CRM Outbound Gadget but few things remaining

  • Exception Handling
  • Optimization
  • Logging

MS CRM Plug-In


There is a need to send outbound and receive the http request from CRM GUI to the third party application for a product.

did some research and found that there are few ways

Now exploring the possibilities of plug in method

asked questions on forum

Installing the CRM Tools for Visual Studio 2013:

Found this LINK about how to do it on vs 2013 while MS doesnt provide tools for 2013 so

but this had problem vs 2013 would even launch and give error

but after creating the registry file and adding it worked like mentioned in The LINK

Working CRM tools in VS 2013
working crm tool

After watching the tutorial i found that vs 2013 doesn’t support the CRM Explorer and connect to the crm server facility so I had to install 2012 which supports this all.

While installing the CRM Plugin Toolkit for i have encounter the problem that msi doesn’t have some .dll that why it will not execute, the solution to that is THIS LINK.

There comes a problem when I create the new CRM project which is


Watching the tutorial about the plugin

and reading the plugin Development at


Today registered a plugin and test it running on MS CRM

for that i have used the sample plugin provided in the sample code of the SDK The procedure is

  • Locate the plugin registration tool in  \SDK\Tools\PluginRegistration
  • run the PluginRegistration
  • Register new Assembly
  • Load the assembly from \SDK\SampleCode\CS\Plug-ins\bin\Debug\SamplePlugins.dll
  • save the changes
  • now register the steps which task you want to perform


plugin registration

and this is the result

plugin testing

the more detailed tutorial is provided at THIS LINK

Asked the question ON CRM Community THE LINK

How to create a new organization in MS CRM


trial time check

Getting the Phone Number in Task Activity:

Trying to get the phone number in activity using the plugin method

The discussion is going on here

if (context.InputParameters.Contains("Target") &&
context.InputParameters["Target"] is Entity)
// Obtain the target entity from the input parameters.
Entity entity = (Entity)context.InputParameters["Target"];
//getting the phone number
string phone1=null;
if (entity.Attributes.Contains("Telephone1"))
phone1 = entity.GetAttributeValue("Telephone1");
// Verify that the target entity represents an account.
// If not, this plug-in was not registered correctly.
if (entity.LogicalName != "account")

// Create a task activity to follow up with the account customer in 7 days.
Entity followup = new Entity("task");

followup["subject"] = "The Phone Number of the Customer is:" + phone1+ "Phone No?";
followup["description"] =
"Follow up with the customer. Check if there are any new issues that need resolution.";
followup["scheduledstart"] = DateTime.Now.AddDays(7);
followup["scheduledend"] = DateTime.Now.AddDays(7);
followup["category"] = context.PrimaryEntityName;

// Refer to the account in the task activity.
if (context.OutputParameters.Contains("id"))
Guid regardingobjectid = new Guid(context.OutputParameters["id"].ToString());
string regardingobjectidType = "account";

followup["regardingobjectid"] =
new EntityReference(regardingobjectidType, regardingobjectid);

// Obtain the organization service reference.
IOrganizationServiceFactory serviceFactory = (IOrganizationServiceFactory)serviceProvider.GetService(typeof(IOrganizationServiceFactory));
IOrganizationService service = serviceFactory.CreateOrganizationService(context.UserId);

// Create the task in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
tracingService.Trace("FollowupPlugin: Creating the task activity.");
catch (FaultException ex)
throw new InvalidPluginExecutionException("An error occurred in the FollupupPlugin plug-in.", ex);

catch (Exception ex)
tracingService.Trace("FollowupPlugin: {0}", ex.ToString());

CRM 2013 – Actions Are My New Favorite Feature


So when originally previewing all the new stuff in CRM 2013 I kind of glossed over Actions.  A new type of workflow, meh, hopefully its not as worthless as Dialogs.  However, last week I had the opportunity to really dig into them and found out that they really have massive customization implications.  Including, duh, duh, dun: the ability to trigger plugin code directly with JavaScript.  “Who cares?” you ask.  We’ve always been able to do this, more or less, by creating a hidden attribute, and creating a plugin to run on Update and scoping it to that field.

Yeah, but with Actions, you can actually return a value (or values) back to the JavaScript!  What I did here last week was create a Clone function.  I haven’t really made it 100% configurable yet, in that you have to insert a button and call a JavaScript function, but its pretty neat…

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Calling external Web Service from a CRM 2011 Plug-in

Gotta try this one !



This blog explains how to call external Web Service from a CRM 2011 Plug-in.


Sometimes we need to call a Web Service from a Plug-in. We had a similar requirement, but while trying to access the service, we got the following error.

“Could not find default endpoint element that references contract ‘ServiceReference.Service′ in the ServiceModel client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file was found for your application, or because no endpoint element matching this contract could be found in the client element.”


The reason for this is because the configuration information for the Web Service from the client side is missing.

Using the Code

So, now in case of our plugin, we need to define the binding and endpoint information programmatically. Something like this…

This way we would be able to access our Web Service inside Plug-in.



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Generating XRM.cs

This is the command by which need to execute while you are in Crm SDK path


Where you have the file ” Microsoft.Xrm.Client.CodeGeneration.dll “

CrmSvcUtil.exe /codeCustomization:”Microsoft.Xrm.Client.CodeGeneration.CodeCustomization, Microsoft.Xrm.Client.CodeGeneration” /out:Xrm\Xrm.cs /url: /domain:EFLAB /username:EFLAB\MyUsername /password:MyPassword /namespace:Xrm /serviceContextName:XrmServiceContext

it gives the error

error of XRM.cs

Attempt to solve to this question by

applying the solution

but now it gives the error

new error

Text of the Error 

Exiting program with exception: SOAP security negotiation with ‘http://10.10.10.
15:5555/crm/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc’ for target ‘
55/crm/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc’ failed. See inner exception for more d

This has to do something with SOAP security problem.

Asking the Question 

Hello guys
I am trying to generate early bound types (Xrm.cs), using command

” CrmSvcUtil.exe /codeCustomization:”Microsoft.Xrm.Client.CodeGeneration.CodeCustomization, Microsoft.Xrm.Client.CodeGeneration” /out:Xrm\Xrm.cs/url:http://<CRMServer&gt;:5555/crm/XRMService
s/2011/Organization.svc /domain:<domain> /username:domain\Administrator /password:<password> /namespace:Xrm /serviceContextName:XrmServiceContext “


I am getting this error if i use username:domain/Administrator

” Exiting program with exception: SOAP security negotiation with ‘http://<CRMServer>:5555/crm/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc’ for target ‘http://<CRMServer>:5555/crm/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc’ failed. See inner exception for more details. “

EFLAB_forward slash_Administrator


When I use username:Administrator
its giving me this timeout error

” Exiting program with exception: The request channel timed out while waiting for
a reply after 00:04:58.6189210. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to
Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to
this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.
Enable tracing and view the trace files for more information. “
Here is snapshot:

If I use the back slash it gives the authentication error which make it obvious its not going to work that way. 


Posted it on Facebook Group Microsoft Dynamics CRM and on Microsoft Social 
Lets see what I get for that

Another suggestion from Akeel Sb
Try to generate that on the native server by putting the SDK there, if that is generated there then copy that here and use it

There seems to be a problem that even If i generate it there it’ll be having some problem here on my machine, I don’t have that setup here what is on the server that is just an assumption need to try that 

URL in the command is working which is

and here is snapshot what it says
organization service

After Removing the domain name from User name “EFLAB/Username” putting only Username stopped the Soap Error
And the Timeout Error is there
Next thing to find out about that is where do i change the timeout value or figure out that if is it the real problem or there is something else causing this one ? 

No reply yet from the group members, No answer on MS CRM Forum.  
Generating the file on Server and using it in Project worked. 

That problem solved here but still don’t understand why it was giving the timeout error